April 09, 2013


Six years ago today, one of my dearest friends unexpectedly lost his sister.  

For reasons that were never medically confirmed, Sara Brinson passed away due to heart failure on the morning of April 9, 2007.  At 17 years old, Sara was less than 6 weeks out from graduating high school.  Her future looked bright; she was sweet, smart, friendly, generous, kind, loyal, and healthy, all of which made the news of her untimely death just that much more difficult to swallow.  

Sara died abruptly and inexplicably.  And although the grieving process is never easy, the way in which she passed has made it all the more difficult for her family and friends to find closure.  There's just no guaranteed, sure-fire way to work through a loss such as Sara's, so as a tribute to her dream of becoming a baker, Sara's family decided to open a cupcake bakery just north of downtown Oklahoma City.  A few short months later Sara Sara Cupcakes was born, and it wasn't long before the bakery had expanded to 3 locations.  Between the deliciously decadent deserts and the heartbreaking story or its origin, Sara via her bakery touches the lives (and fills the stomachs) of tens of thousands of people every year - an accomplishment in life, let alone in death!

In addition to the bakery, Sara Sara wristbands were designed and sold to help spread Sara's heart-wrenching, yet beautiful story (worth noting, I feel, is that mine hasn't left my wrist in 6 years.)  Far less grandiose than bracelets or a chain of bakeries, my way of paying homage to Sara's memory was through song.  Below are the lyrics to one of my favorite original compositions, "In Memory Of..."  


A forest full of family trees
Should be in bloom, not losing leaves
No Evidence, just loss of words
I can't make sense, this loss just hurts

In memory of...a beautiful girl

Some speak to God to keep their faith
Some seem to raise their fists to the sky compelled by hate
When do I start to fill this hole
You broke my heart, but you saved my soul

In memory of...a beautiful soul

In memory of...a beautiful world

I often wonder how different life would be if Sara were alive today.  Although I didn't know her half as well as I'd have liked to in life, I feel no differently about Sara than I do my dearest friends.  It's funny just how greatly she's impacted my life, even in death.  

Thank you, Sara, for changing me for the better.

Jamie B.




April 02, 2013


As promised, here's the Nonna's promo video in full featuring "A World Too Big" off Magnetism.




April 01, 2013


It's funny how resounding an impact a single, seemingly trivial moment with a complete stranger can have on one's life.  How's that for a vague and grandiose opening statement?  Is your interest peaked?  Have I sucked you in?  

I recently began performing one or two Saturdays a month at Uptown Grocery Co., an upscale grocery store in Edmond.  While some might think a grocery store an odd place to perform, it's actually become one of my absolute favorite "gig spots."  Why?  No other establishment has ever made me feel so valued and appreciated as an artist/musician in such a short period of time as Uptown Grocery Co.  Employees and customers alike are incredibly generous with compliments, and while ego boosting remarks such as, "you're amazing" and "your voice is incredible" are always nice to hear, such comments are not really what I'm referring to.  No, the kind of praise I want to touch on are the moments when complete strangers approach me to let me know my music has made a positive impact on their lives.  

"Thank you for taking time out of your day to perform here.  Your music always makes the workday go so much faster and I'm never in a better mood after my shift ends than when you perform."  This is just one of several comments an employee made to me on Saturday after my set.  Seemingly trivial, right?  Wrong.  These are the kinds of remarks that help me understand and appreciate the symbiotic relationship between artist and audience.  These are the moments that remind me of why I became a musician in the first place - to make a difference in the lives of others in ways that few can.  So, thank you Uptown Grocery Co. for vocalizing so much genuine love and support in what can at times seem like a thankless profession.  

Jamie B.




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