January 12, 2012


A buddy of mine posted this on my Facebook page!  Imagine my surprise to find that a) I have my own drink - a cool one at that - and b) that a music database recognizes enough of my music to create a drink that befits my musical "style."  

The "Jamie Bramble"

For more, visit wym-1326461777380 




January 02, 2012


Ladies and Gents,

Greetings and happy new year!  Personally, I feel 2011 proved itself a great year - to date, one of the best years of my life - and I'm so excited to see what 2012 brings.  Musically, I rang in the new year with a bang, playing Opening Night at the Myriad Botanical Gardens site, where crowd support, which increased exponentially throughout the night, was truly overwhelming (we're talking people folding various forms of paper currency into air planes and launching them from the catwalk resting high above the ground toward my already overflowing guitar case collecting tips, all in the name of supporting local music.)  I can only hope that your NYE experience was as illuminating and inspiring as mine, and that 2012 unfolds as a year of health, happiness, and good fortune for us all.  

I've at times considered myself an analog player in a digital world, which I realize is a somewhat strange concept coming from someone who's only 25, but in the spirit of new years resolutions, mine to you is to continue broadening the horizons of my social media network so as to keep you as informed and interested in my goings-on as possible.

What's New:  I'm excited to announce that my website has been revamped to go along with my new record, Somewhere In The Endless Sea.  I encourage you all to head to to check it out and see what's going on in my musical microcosm.  You can also see what's new in merchandise; I'm particularly excited about the addition of american apparel S.I.T.E.S t-shirts!  

S.I.T.E.S Release Party: In the works!  However, in the meantime, please please PLEASE hop over to itunes and, at your convenience of course, write up a review of the new record; I'm always looking for constructive criticism!

January Performances:  For those who may be interested in coming out to some live performances this month, click here to access my performance schedule.  

Thanks so much for the love and support.  The music is enough in and of itself, but sharing it with those who are inclined to listen makes it that much more fulfilling.

Godspeed in the new year!

Jamie B.




December 14, 2011


Ladies and Gents,

Somewhere In The Endless Sea is now available on Itunes!  I encourage you to check it out when you have a few moments.  Thanks so much for the time and support.

Happy holidays,

Jamie B.




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