While music may not have some universal or even uniform meaning, it does, whether we realize it or not, permeate our very existence to the extent that we, regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion, or region, would be totally and utterly changed without its presence in our everyday lives.

To say that songwriting, and really music in general, has been anything less than integral in my development as a person would be a gross understatement.  Although it does not define me, music provides for me an outlet for creativity, a vehicle for expression, a means of emotional release, and a harbor for inspiration.  I've at times, when my life seemed to be spiraling out of control, used music (irresponsibly) as an escape - a way in which to avoid the goings-on in my own life.  Yet, I've also at times used music as my crutch - my sole means of stability - when grappling with these issues I so hoped to elude.  Melodramatic?  Perhaps; however, this is all by way of saying that I suppress, maintain, express and sustain myself with and through music.

To date, I've released four records as well as composed a slew of unreleased material.  I've had the pleasure of working with scores of talented individuals - some highly established, some not so much - in various artistic fields, all of whom continue to impress and humble me. I've had residencies, however brief, in Nashville, Dallas, and Norman studying both music and English Literature in the hopes of someday establishing a career in one or the other.  I currently (and befittingly) live in Oklahoma City, not 10 miles from the home in which I grew up, where I'm teaching elementary music as well as pursuing my career as a songwriter, musician, and performer.

Jamie B.